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How to control your admin panel by the tether App | Control your Wi-Fi Router by mobile phone

 How to control your admin panel by the tether App | Control your Wi-Fi Router by mobile phone

Hi Friends,

In this video i am going to show you, how to control your wifi admin pannel by the mobile phone, you can follow bellow simple, step to control your admin pannel of the your braudband wifi Router

1. You have to donload the TP-Link Tether app from play store

2. You have to Enter Any Email ID and password for authentication

3. Now you can see your connected router on the mobile app

4. You have to enter your admin password (Default Username/Password: admin/admin) you can enter if you not till change

5. you will be login successfully

Now herein you can control your wifi name passworld, also you can block any suspicious connection form client tab.

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